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Complete hydration of active dry yeast is achieved by mixing one part of the dry yeast with four parts of water at 95-105ºF. Grow Nutrients® are natural products derived from a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in enriched molasses under carefully controlled condition. Grow Nutrients® are manufactured by feeding a controlled amount of mineral salt (vitamin) embedded into an appropriate glycoprotein matrix to the yeast during the budding and growth process. This controlled metabolization process results in a mineral/vitamin yeast product in its most natural environment. During the budding and growth process, the mineral salt/vitamin is added to the budding yeast at an exact concentration, then after a predetermined time the yeast is harvested. The mineral/vitamin yeast is then thoroughly washed number of times with purified water. Then the product, upon enzyme treatment, is cold pasteurized, spray-dried and packed. These products provide minerals and vitamins in a form that is readily absorbed and bio-available.
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Re-Natured® Mineral/Vitamins from Grow Company, Inc. are an excellent source of bio-available minerals, vitamins and their respective metabolites. The potency of mineral/vitamin in each product is guaranteed.

Re-Natured® VITAMINS

Many vitamins do not exist in natural yeast. Therefore, the appropriate vitamin is embedded into a concentrate with close affinity towards that specific vitamin by Biofusion® process. Upon complexation of the vitamin with the food concentrate the Vital Food Factors® (VFF) will direct the nutrient to appropriate sites in the cell. VFF renders the nutrient more bio-available.



Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast) has been known to mankind for thousands of years. Its nutritional values have made it one the richest products. Moreover, the manufacturing process for yeast can be linked to farming. Just like farming, it encompasses preparation, seeding, cultivation and harvesting. However, unlike farming, yeast is grown in highly automated, tightly controlled stainless steel reactors.


The benefits of vitamins and minerals are well documented and accepted. However, not all forms of vitamins and minerals are equal. Today, the term "yeast" is synonymous with nutrition. The nutraceutical, food and health food industries, as well as the animal feed industry, now actively recognize the health benefits of consuming inactive yeast. Re-Natured® nutrients, manufactured exclusively by Grow Company, Inc., are made via growth and metabolization of selected vitamins and minerals in active dry whole cell baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This process allows an organic complex of the micronutrient to the yeast proteins, which results in a form readily recognized and absorbed by the body. Organic, Re-Natured® nutrients exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Natural and safe ingredients
  • Stable and heat resistant:   Suitable for tablets, capsules, nutraceutical, and all food applications
  • No metallic aftertaste:   Natural organic Re-Natured® nutrients are ideal for functional foods due to reduced metallic taste associated with inorganic salts
  • Natural source of:  Proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, dietary soluble and insoluble fibers, minerals and vitamins
  • Highly bio-available and easily assimilated by the human body


Minerals play a critical role in several metabolic functions and have protective capacities essential to our overall health and well-being. A complete array of mineral enriched yeasts are available from Grow Company, Inc.


Yeast has long been recognized as a major natural source of B-complex vitamins, vitamin D and its metabolites, a nutritious source of protein, and one of the rare vegetarian sources of vitamin B12. Complete ranges of Re-Natured® vitamin enriched yeast products are available from Grow Company, Inc.


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