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Our products are trusted by people around the world to provide the best nutritional supplementation, great tasting nutritious foods with natural coloring, and the best health and beauty products.

Diets and lifestyles are changing faster than ever. As we learn more about the links between food, health and well-being, the need to find a healthy balance becomes increasingly urgent. Our response at Grow is to create food type nutrients that can be consumed as nutritional supplements, used in food fortification, taste improvement, natural coloring, and natural ingredients incorporated into cosmetic products.

Nutrition is a key growth factor for our business. Grow Company, Inc. is committed to manufacturing and marketing Re-Natured®, Pro-Natured®, Biogrown®, Biogrow®, and Biogurt™ nutrients that, when added to any food, creates great tasting food and makes a healthy choice an easy choice. We will help our consumers everywhere to achieve nutritional balance, which leads to a vital and healthy life. These supplements are for everyone, especially for people eating on the go or wanting to conjure up a quick meal.

Through sound scientific research, we have developed a deep understanding of consumers' nutritional, health, and health and beauty needs. The resulting evidence benefits the claims we make for our products.


Ingesting such products as natural food allows the essential nutrients to get to the damaged cells without the body's immune system rejecting them. Food is the best means to deliver appropriate amount of nutrients to the body. However, it has been stated that 75 percent of the American population is deficient in trace minerals. European investigators have also released a report in 2002 revealing that 40 percent of elderly study subjects did not meet daily requirements for iron and calcium. There are many other valid evaluations that clearly indicate a huge drop in the nutritional values of today's food. Attending to these fundamentals, and the often poorly understood requirements, are a priority consumers need to put at or near the top of their list.

Even as consumers become more interested in the beneficial aspects of nutraceuticals, they are searching for lower doses and easier ways to consume them. Besides offering products, Grow Company, Inc., continues to explore new delivery systems to ensure bioavailability of efficacious doses of the desired nutrients. One such delivery system is the targeted delivery technology or Carrier Food Factors (CFF). Targeted delivery technologies are generally designed to deliver measurable amount of an ingredient to a specific site. Targeted delivery can also improve the efficacy of a product by routing it to where it is needed the most....same principle as in natural food.

Hence, an important advantage of targeted delivery is the dose. Due to its effectiveness, targeted delivery allows decreases in the dose of ingredients needed in the finished product without sacrificing its benefits.


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