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The fact that much of the soil used to grow crops is depleted of minerals is one reason that supplementation is usually necessary in order to avoid deficiencies. Minerals' crucial role in human nutrition is often overlooked by the consumer. Research has routinely shown that sizable segments of the population consume a diet that is inadequate in nutritional value.

Consumption of nutrients with physiological and biological activities similar to that of natural food may produce better results than supplementation with an isolated form. The idea behind Grow Nutrients® is that a single-celled plant (Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Lactobacillus bulgaricus) and other natural plants take up micronutrients in a similar fashion; in the case of S. Cerevisiae and L. Bulgaricus, this occurs during growth and metabolization, and thus the minerals become bioavailable through the yeast or yogurt culture; as they would in natural plants if the soil were not depleted of nutrients.


Re-Natured® and Pro-Natured® vitamins, High Mineral Yeast products, and Biogrown® vitamins & minerals from Grow Company, Inc., are key elements to a healthy life. B-complex vitamins are known to help persons suffering from depression, nervous disorders, stress and anxiety, as well as those dealing with migraines, asthma, anemia, and allergies. B-complex vitamins are also known to help women who suffer from Candida and premenstrual tension. This makes Re-Natured® B-vitamins valuable nutrients for daily life.

The High Mineral Yeast nutrients manufactured by Grow Company, Inc. are an excellent source of mineral supplementation, and are offered in manageable quantities due to their physiological and biological activities. Re-Natured® Vitamins and High Mineral Yeast nutrients are also an excellent source of complex carbohydrates (beta-1,3-glucans and mannan), dietary fiber, SOD (superoxide dismutase) and glutathione (an antioxidant found in yeast that plays a major role in cellular defense mechanisms).

For over thirty years, Grow Company, Inc. has delivered consistent, high quality products to consumers in international markets. Our persistent focus on exacting quality standards has helped create our excellent reputation. Re-Natured® vitamins, High Mineral Yeast, and Biogurt™ nutrients from Grow Company, Inc. are cultivated especially for their biological, physiological, and nutritive values, as well as their high quality protein which contains essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Manufacturers across the globe are turning to Grow Company, Inc. as their number one provider of natural flavoring, food coloring & fortification, cosmetics, and nutritional supplementation; which makes a healthy difference to their formulations.


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