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In today's competitive food market; flavoring, coloring and fortification remain as one of the most dominant factors in any food formulation. Protein and fiber content of the finished products are also important criteria when selecting these ingredients. The various methods of protein hydrolysis can have tremendous effect on the outcome of flavor. It is also known that some flavors, such as dairy-type flavors, tend to blend well with proteins. However, the flavor balance is very dependent on the original protein source. The addition of many nutrients can also influence the final taste, which may provide a positive or negative result.

Meal replacements carry the gamut of essential vitamins and minerals. Specialty products may contain one or more nutrients targeted for certain functions, such as chromium, a mineral with antioxidant properties that is also associated with fat-burning and muscle-building. Glucose Tolerance Factor - GTF Chromium; helps insulin transfer glucose and other nutrients from the bloodstream into cells. If glucose transfer does not easily take place, then a diagnosis might change from glucose intolerance to diabetes.

The addition of isolated nutrients to food products or meal replacements can be a challenging task. For example, B vitamins can create strong, unpleasant flavors and possibly even odors, especially in powdered mixes. This is but an example of the number of difficulties connected with the use of isolated nutrients.

Three decades ago, Grow Company, Inc., a FDA inspected manufacturing establishment, developed proprietary processes called Biogrow« Technology. This process, which imbeds different vitamins and minerals in a selected media, creates a close affinity toward that specific vitamin or mineral as they would appear in nature. These products are presented under the brand names Re-Natured«, Pro-Natured«, Biogrow«, Biogrown® and Biogurt™ nutrients. In these processes the media, which naturally contains the specific vitamin or mineral, is further enriched by digesting the same nutrient in higher potencies.


All Grow Company, Inc. B vitamins are in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Re-Natured« and Biogurt« B vitamins, hence, do not exhibit any of the above mentioned problems associated with the isolated supplements. Minerals and vitamins are fed to a live culture of single celled plant. Upon metabolization of the media, depending on the nature of the cell, it may or may not be enzymatically treated and then spray-dried.

Due to their physical and chemical characteristics, Grow Nutrients® are better than isolated supplements. These nutrients are not only used as fortification products without the problems of the isolated supplements, but they also provide proteins containing all the essential amino acids and natural dietary fiber required by the human body. At present, Re-Natured«, Pro-Natured«, Biogrown«, and Biogurt™ nutrients are used as multi-purpose ingredients. Indeed, each Grow Company nutrient provides a number of benefits, including; nutritional fortification, coloring, taste improvement, protein and fiber inclusion.


Aside from vitamins and minerals, Grow Company, Inc. manufactures numerous flavoring agents. One such flavoring agent is called Re-Natured« Vitamin U or Re-Natured« Cabbage concentrate.


Like great composers looking for that perfect note, nutritionists are always searching for that perfect nutrient. Cruciferous vegetables are known to contain compounds with great medicinal effects. There are, at present, many such complexes under evaluation by different research groups. Researchers are narrowing down the complexes based on their disease preventing and illness fighting properties.

In the third decade of the twentieth century, it was shown that the cabbage had an ulcer healing benefit. Subsequently, its active ingredient, Vitamin U, was isolated and identified. In the Merck Index, it is noted that anti-ulcer vitamin from cabbage leaves was named vitamin Ulcer upon its isolation. After a number of years, however, its name was shortened into the simpler term; "Vitamin U".

Vitamin U, (3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl) dimethyl sulfonium chloride or cabagin-U, is an anti-ulcer vitamin found in cabbage leaves, and in lesser quantities among other green vegetables. Vitamin U is used in the treatment of gastric disorders. In its pure form, however, Vitamin U has a strong sulfur odor. Hence, Grow Company, Inc. was able to produce Re-Natured« Vitamin U using the pure extract of cabbage, coupled with its proprietary manufacturing processes. Utilizing our unique process, cabbage concentrate is complexed with a number of peptides, carbohydrates and small quantities of dietary fibers under a specific condition, and then spray-dried.

Re-Natured® vitamin U is an off-white powder containing 9.5-11% of cabbage extract (vitamin U).

High heat can, in many instances, destroy part or all of the pharmacological activities of any product and cabbage is no exception. However, Re-Natured® Vitamin U is a stable product that has a shelf life of two years. It can be shipped anywhere in the world.

This product can be labeled as cabbage or vegetable extract and classified as food nutrient. Due to its processing steps, cabbage extract in Re-Natured® vitamin U has a more favorable note and better characteristics than the pure extract. Re-Natured® vitamin U is available as regular and kosher certified.


Vitamin U, (3-Amino-3-carboxypropyl) dimethyl sulfonium chloride, or cabagin, is an anti-ulcer vitamin reported in cabbage leaves and other green vegetables.

Vitamin U  (C6H14ClNO2S) specifications:

Molecular weight:  199.69
Molecular formula:   [(CH3)2S+CH2CH2CH(NH2)COOH]Cl-

Re-Natured® vitamin U can be used as a natural flavoring agent to enhance the taste and flavor of finished food. This flavor can be used in many instances such as; in preparation of egg rolls, spring rolls, soups, coleslaw dressing, sauces, ethnic foods and many other prepared foods. Re-Natured® vitamin U increases the shelf life of the prepared food, improves the mouth feel and texture, and in some instances, the finished food's color and appearance.

This product is manufactured under strict quality controls adhering to cGMP standards. It is labeled as natural food flavor. There are absolutely no genetically modified organisms (GMO) used in the manufacture of this product. Re-Natured® vitamin U has a legal denomination of cabbage concentrate. The finished product is free of any harmful substances, including; but not limited to pesticides, herbicides, and residual solvents. Additionally, this product contains no additives. The product is sold in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia as a natural flavoring agent.

Calculated calories: ca. 1340 kJ/100g
  ca. 320 kcal/100g
Fat free: Yes
Gluten free: Yes
Lactose free: Yes
Sodium free: Yes
Heavy metal content: < 2ppb

Appearance: Cream/off-white
Taste: Characteristic of vitamin U
Texture: Powder

Vitamin U content 9.5-11.0% Titration/HPLC
Loss on drying Max 6% (3 hours in vacuum oven at 60-70║C)
Ash content Max 5% (6 hours at 500-600║C)
Protein content Min 20% Nitrogen analysis
Carbohydrate content Max 75% HPLC

Aerobic plate count (CFU) Max 7500/g USP/FDA
Yeast/Mold count Max 10/g USP/FDA
E. coli Negative USP/FDA
Salmonella Negative USP/FDA
Pseudomonas Negative USP/FDA
Staphylococcus Negative USP/FDA
Candida albicans Negative USP/FDA
Coliform Negative USP/FDA

The product is free of gluten protein. Re-Natured® vitamin U is vegan suitable, i.e. absolutely no animal or fish material, including oils, egg, or milk is present in this product. Also, it is vegetarian suitable. Re-Natured® vitamin U is also kosher certified.

Re-Natured® vitamin U is stable for up to two years from the date of manufacturing. It must be stored in tightly sealed containers in a dry and cool area.

Every packaging unit is labeled with product designation, name of supplier, date of manufacture, durability, net weight and lot identification number. Packages of 25 and 50kgs are available. Every shipment is accompanied with a certificate of analysis for that specific lot.


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