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Andrew Szalay founded Grow Company, Inc. in 1977. Andrew, a pharmacist, received his degree in 1946 from Szeged University in Hungary, where the renowned Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi conducted research leading to the discovery of vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), and thereby initiating Andy's nutritional ideologies. After learning about the benefits of natural nutrients, and due to his humanistic nature, Andrew set out to create a line of nutrients that emulated natural food.

In his early professional life, Andrew worked his way up from a registered pharmacist to managing several pharmacies. Throughout the years, he observed that customers with nutritional needs often had poor skin. By advising the correct regimen of supplements, their skin condition improved. He also noticed that as patients aged, even though the correct supplementation helped their general overall health, their skin responded slower. As a person ages, the more important it becomes to treat skin from the outside. He concluded that the fastest and best route for getting essential protection and revivifying ingredients into the skin is through topical application.

In 1956, he moved to the United States, and for the next twenty years his research efforts encompassed the areas of nutrition, botanical extracts, study of medicinal plants, and herbs. In 1977, Andy's lifelong dream was successfully implemented by producing nutritional supplements with their compositions closely related to the actual composition of natural food. By integrating vitamins and minerals into a matrix of glycoprotein, phosphoprotein, lipoprotein, bioflavonoids, and dietary fiber, he developed a new line of extra ordinary food nutrients. His principles were so novel that the United States Patent Office awarded him a Patent on this proprietary manufacturing technology.

By developing and utilizing natural and unique plant-based ingredients, the company has been active in protecting biodiversity by offering its products in various forms - cosmetics, nutritional supplements for human and animal consumption, natural food additives, natural coloring agents, and nutraceuticals - all over the world. It is now well recognized that healthy, youthful looking skin is dependent on an appropriate diet and exercise regimen. The majority of the active ingredients present in our cosmetic products are also utilized by the food and nutritional industries for human consumption.

What sets Grow Company, Inc.'s skin care products apart from others, is its natural bio-active ingredients. When our natural bio-actives are used in the very best of modern skin treatment bases, they are more effective, natural, milder, and well-tolerated by everyone. By building on our understanding and pioneering efforts in the field of nutrition, and combining the very best of skin care treatments with the latest in anti-aging products, we strive to bring about a revolution in the skin care industry.


Skin, the largest human organ, is the first line of defense against environmental pollution, aging, and external destruction. Human skin is bombarded daily by elements in the environment, with everything from sunlight to air pollution contributing to skin damage. According to American Academy of Dermatology, more than 40 percent of the US population perceive themselves as having sensitive skin. Skin can be sensitive by nature or become so over time. There are many contributing factors to having sensitive skin. With age, the skin tends to become thinner. Combined with the slowing down of oil production, loss of elasticity, and environmental influence, this can result in overly dry skin with increased sensitivity.

Harsh cleansing products can deplete the natural protective lipid barrier. Excessive exposure to the elements can also cause redness and sensitivity. Facial redness is a problem for 16 million women who live with it every day. Hormonal fluctuation and certain medications can also result in skin sensitivity. Therefore, people with sensitive skin should avoid products that contain harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.


There are no magical solutions for great, youthful-looking skin. A healthy lifestyle that includes avoiding smoking, daily use of sunscreens, eating a healthy diet, taking vitamins, and regular exercise, are crucial to having good skin.

We realize that the most important part of skin care is prevention and proper skin maintenance. The use of our environmentally friendly cosmetic bio-actives is today's beauty story. The benefits derived from these products are their bio-activity and bio-functionality, that they are pesticide free, and above all, are advantageous to both skin and the environment.

We have worked hard to provide our bio-active ingredients in a manner as intended and used by nature; they will work utilizing the same processes found in the skin cells, providing a natural setting - a process we call "Biofusion®". It is true that synthetic ingredients will always be a bit less expensive, but you will not receive the benefits and effectiveness as you will from natural products. Step into the garden of skin care products containing natural and plant-base unique ingredients. Our superior products and our mission to empower consumers have helped us to make Grow Company, Inc. the dynamic company we are today.


Even as consumers become more interested in the beneficial aspects of cosmetic products, they are searching for brands with no harshness. At Grow Company, Inc., we step beyond just producing products, and continue to explore new delivery systems to ensure bioavailability of efficacious doses of the desired nutrients. One such delivery system is the targeted delivery technology or Vital Food Factors® (VFF). Targeted delivery technologies are generally designed to deliver a measurable amount of an ingredient to a specific site. Targeted delivery can also improve the efficacy of a product by aiming it to where it is needed the most. These delivery systems are a combination of exclusive peptides and proteins, carrying active nutrients. Bio-carrier know-how is the same science that has been used by the pharmaceutical industry as the cutting-edge delivery technique.

Our skin is designed to block out foreign substances that can be harmful. In many instances, active ingredients are faced with the same barriers. Targeted Delivery System, on the other hand, packs an extra-powerful punch to help the important ingredients get absorbed through skin and into the body.


Most of our cosmetic products are produced by utilizing Lactobacillus bulgaricus (yogurt culture) coupled with exclusive proprietary process of Biofusion®. Yogurt is a traditional remedy for dry and aging skin. Cosmetic grades have been used in skin care formulations since the 1920's. Recent advances in cosmetic science have allowed the development of an activated yogurt culture which will help to reduce the effects of aging, sun-exposure and general skin dryness. Traditional uses have included preventing the skin from "darkening" on aging, as well as preventing the formation of "age spots" and the development of freckles. Yogurt and milk have been used to enhance skin lightness and maintain youthful vitality for over 3000 years.

SRF2 works to enliven and enable the skin's defenses, helping to keep them working efficiently for better looking skin. SRF2 is a nature-identical plant growth factor. These factors are comprised of select nutritional peptides, which can be used to enhance and amplify the utilization of energy within the cell, and stimulate the natural defense systems. Continual daily use can bring about a rebirth by utilizing the skin's natural renewal processes. This can result in a brighter, more youthful appearance.


SRF2 is made by an exclusive double growth process between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus bulgaricus cultures. After budding and growth, the active slurry is spray dried and incorporated into various cosmetic products. This manufacturing process loosely follows the one originally developed by Dr. Sperti and outlined in US patent 2,239,345. The term SRF2 describes the Grow Company's exclusive double budding and growth process for yogurt culture.  (See also: Yeast Process).


SRF2 is a complete, nutritionally balanced bio-active product, consisting of peptides, glycopeptides, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential minerals; specifically calcium, which is responsible for "balanced skin conditions".


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